Yuoto Bubble Disposable Vape

The Disposable Yuoto Bubble UAE is a modern vape suitable for leisure, travel or everyday use. It's a powerful device with 4000 puffs and will last you several weeks of steady use. It comes with a practical battery that can be recharged and takes less than an hour to recharge. Thanks to its compact design and smart features, you can always take it with you, even in a bag or backpack. The device features a wide range of flavors, including fruit, berry varieties, drinks and more, including rare and unusual combinations.

You can buy Yuoto Bubble Dubai at our company. We offer original products purchased from the manufacturer. Regularly updated catalogue and provide only actual products. Possible delivery to cities in UAE. If you have any questions or you have difficulty in choosing a suitable device - contact our managers.

Features of Yuoto Bubble

If you want to buy Yuoto Bubble, you need to pay attention to several distinctive features:

Item 1

The body is made of durable and impact-resistant plastic. The finish makes it non-slip and pleasant to the touch.

Item 2

The model is distinguished by the original shape of the mouthpiece, which does not prevent you from exhaling with your mouth. Yuoto Vape optimal size and thoughtful design will help you fully enjoy all the nuances of the chosen flavor.

Item 3

The bottom of the body features an opening for a smooth and even air flow.

Item 4

The Yuoto Bubble Disposable Vape comes with a 10ml cartridge which is a minimum of 4000 puffs. That's enough for several weeks of even smoking. Since these are disposable models, you can't refill them.

Item 5

The devices are equipped with a 650mAh battery that can be recharged. The Yuoto Bubble has a USB Type-C connector for this purpose. It will take no more than an hour to charge, and the charge is enough for 7 hours of battery life.

Item 6

One of the main advantages of the models is the absence of any buttons on the body. The device is activated by a puff.

For more technical details on the Yuoto Bubble and Yuoto Switch, please see the product cards. If you have difficulty in choosing or have other difficulties with the order - contact our managers. We're here to help you find the best solution for you.

Yuoto Bubble 4000 Puffs Flavours

Devices are available in a wide range of flavours, with a lineup that is constantly expanding. Among them you will find:

Passion Fruit




Banana Ice


Lemon Ice




Grape Ice




Watermelon Ice


Energy Drinks




Blueberry Ice

Ice, etc.

If you want to buy Disposable Yuoto Bubble Dubai keep in mind that their nicotine content does not exceed 5%. This is an optimum value that will suit both experienced smokers and beginners alike. 

Benefits of Yuoto Bubble Dubai

It lasts a long time

Up to 7 hours of juice per charge.

Longer lasting

10ml liquid cartridge - enough for 4000 puffs.

Comfortable shape

Practical, comfortable shape - fits comfortably in your hand.


No buttons - inclusion by inhalation.


Large selection of flavours and combinations.


Smooth vapour delivery and gentle throat hit.


Small size, can be taken with you on trips.

Memorable design

Memorable design and striking design.

In our company you can also buy Yuoto 5, a handy device for 1500 puffs.