Yuoto Switch vapes

Here you can order the original novelty from the brand Yuoto in Dubai - Yuoto Switch disposable e-cigarettes. The main feature is two built-in cartridges with different flavors, between which you can switch at will. The vapes are designed for 3000 puffs and don't require refills. The range includes berry, fruity, refreshing and other flavors. The devices are equipped with powerful batteries and heating coils. The nicotine content in these vapes is under 50mg, and the device utilizes a salt substitute that's safe for humans.

You can buy Yuoto vape in Dubai at our online shop. We offer original brand products, so we have no fakes and have the whole line of available flavors. Courier delivery in Dubai is available. If you have any difficulty with the choice or want to clarify any other questions, please contact our managers.

Technical Features

Yuoto Switch vape devices differ from other vape-disposable devices due to its internal structure and a number of parameters:

Item 1

The main difference is the presence of two 4ml cartridges, which are filled with liquids of different flavours. This way you can try two flavors at once without having to buy separate devices for each combination.

Item 2

The large capacity of the tanks suggests the use of a relatively large, cylindrical body. It is made of refractory material in an original and striking design. You can also tell the flavour by the shade - there are separate colours for all, so you'll never get the devices mixed up if you have more than one.

Item 3

To make the Yuoto Switch Dubai last longer, a 1650mAh battery is built in. This will last for 15-20 days depending on the intensity of smoking.

Item 4

The models are equipped with a quality heating coil that ensures even heating of the liquid and fast vapor production.

Item 5

The vapes are compact and easy to fit in the palm of your hand.

For detailed information on each product, please see the product cards.

How to Use Yuoto Switch

The disposable devices in this range switch on as per the standard principle - after the first puff. All you need to do is inhale the air and the device will automatically start. You can tell when the device is working by the light indicator. If the light is steady, the vape is working properly.

The only difference from, for example, Yuoto 5 POD systems, is the presence of the switch button between two flavors. It is located at the bottom of the case. You can't mix two flavors, you can only choose between them depending on your preference at the moment.

It is worth noting that the brand's devices are disposable devices. They do not need to be recharged or refilled. Removing the internal elements and attempting to replace them will inevitably result in damage. A broken vape is not recommended as it can be dangerous to your health.

Available Flavours Yuoto Switch 3000 puffs

The company uses salt nicotine-based liquids to fuel the devices. Their strength does not exceed 5% - an average value suitable for experienced smokers and beginners alike. 

Among the flavors available are:

Apple Ice

Apple Ice

Peppermint Ice




Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

Melon Ice


Pina Colada

Pina Colada



Guava Ice

Guava Ice,

Since the devices have two cartridges each, they are filled with liquids of roughly similar flavours.

What Else Makes the Yuoto Switch Dubai Good


Compact size - easy to take with you.


Little vapor escapes outside so you can smoke indoors.

No battery

No charging or refilling required - no maintenance.


Nicotine content under 5% (50mg per ml).


Auto-activation - after the first puff.

Longer lasting

Longer lasting - 3000 puffs and powerful battery.

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